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March 1, 2014

30 Day Challenge - March 2014

It’s March 1st, the first day of a new month. Do you know what this means? It’s time to start a new 30 day challenge. Starting January of this year, I decided to dedicate each month to a new challenge to keep me disciplined, try new things, and personally challenge myself. I deeply believe everyone should take advantage of 30 day challenges to step out of their comfort zone and see what else we are capable of doing.

To catch you up on my two previous challenges; January was dedicated to being ‘more girly’ - waking up early to do my hair/make up, to accessorize my clothing and pamper my lifestyle to the girls I surround myself with. I owe this challenge to fashion blogger www.galmeetsglam.com for teaching me the ‘how to’s’ of being girly. Although this challenge was fun and made me feel pretty - it was also very time consuming and expensive.

February was dedicated to my booty in my personal squat challenge. Each night of the month I did 100 squats – no if ands or buts about. I was very pleased to have seen the change it made in my legs and lower half of my body, and because of the results, my March challenge is going to be 30 days of training and eating like a competitive bikini bodybuilder. This will defiantly be a challenge for me. After hours spent on www.bodybuilding.com and watching the sponsored women athletes, I have learned new tips and tricks on diet, workouts, supplements and the lifestyle of these athletes. I will take photos along the way to track progress and success. Before and after photos to come.

In addition to my fitness challenge, I am also committing the next 30 days to blogging here everyday. 

Think of a new challenge this month, and let's start this together!