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March 6, 2014



Completing an Outfit or Starting One

We start and finish our outfits with that perfect shoe that ties everything together and gives you your effortless look. As a minimalist, I don't believe you need a ton of shoes taking up space in your closet, you just have to have the right ones. I have just recently fallen in love with the bohemian clothing style. It is the perfect combination of comfortable and romantic / modern and vintage. It allows creativity in the accessories, layers, and materials you wear  and  makes it easy to completely make your own style. In the combinations I put together, I always seem to make my style very tribal and gypsy-like. I am always looking for new brands that represent this style, so if you have any ideas please drop a line in the comment section.

I finally found the perfect shoe that will complete my different bohemian outfits I am putting together. I am in love with these Cushe Footwear’s Boheme! They fit so well, and feel great on. They are the type of sandal you can dress up or down and wear with anything. These are truly the perfect festival shoe. If you are attending Sasquath, Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Bonnaroo – THESE ARE A MUST!

Sending love to Cushe