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March 24, 2014

Countries Traveled

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There is defiantly not a shortage of countries left for me to visit. Here is a great site for you to go to and map out either places traveled, or map out areas you would like to travel to. I see each country not in blue, as an opportunity for a new adventure! There is so much to do and see in this world, that I  find it crazy people don't get out more. I have been very blessed with opportunities to travel, and have never once taken it for granted. I am always asked how I get so travel to much - easy! I make it my priority. Clothes, big houses, fancy accessories like shoes and handbags, hair, nails and make up - these things don't mean anything to me. Breathing the air of a new place and seeing things I have never seen before is a high for me and makes me feel alive. This is where I want to invest my time and money.


Here's the site - I would love to see where you have been and places you would like to go - please share this with me.

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