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March 16, 2014

Goodbye EuroVan

VDub Love

Yesterday was a hard day for Ken and I, as we said goodbye to a car that we has been with us since the beginning. This was the vehicle Ken picked me up with on our first date, this van took us on our first vacation together, we have lived in this van for periods of time - this van was even in our wedding photos!

A montage of fond memories has been flowing through my mind since Ken first told me the van sold. It is hard to let go of something that has housed so many amazing memories.

I know it's 'just a car' to some, but for Ken and I this was a defining feature of our relationship and in our lives - this van symbolized our free spirits, minimalistic lifestyle, and our desire to travel the world. This is not the end for our Volkswagen Van lives and memories, we are in fact looking for a much older camper with a bed and kitchen inside so we can live in it for long periods of times and travel across the country in it.

The best of memories are held in this van and will stay with us forever. 

All photos courtesy of Dan Socie