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March 18, 2014

Happiness Is Only Real When Shared

Have you seen the movie or read the book, Into the Wild? If so, you may have recognized the bus in the Welcome post of Ken and I. In many ways, I admire Christopher McCandless for rebelling against society's expectations of us and burning his money to live the most simple life imaginable. I also admire what he learned from his journey on the road and in the wild. Last summer on a trip to Alaska, I was able to see the bus and personally see the journal entries he documented. The most memorable lesson I was able to take away from Christopher is 'Happiness is only real when shared'.

I am very fortunate to have found my best friend early in my life, and to have found someone as adventurous and restless as I am. Throughout all my travels and all the adventures I have taken, I truly believe I have not experienced anything until it I have done it with Ken. I have also been very fortunate to have traveled with my parents and brother growing up, and to be able to look back on photos, stories and souvieners to relive the memories, this is the most wonderful thing. When I was in college my parents sent me to backpack through Greece and Italy alone. Although I have amazing photos and great memories, I have no one to talk about the trip with or anyone to relive these memories with. This lesson is truly valuable, to cherish those you spend your time with.

Here are a few images from my trip to Alaska and seeing the 'Magic Bus' up close and personal.