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March 15, 2014

A Lesson from Howard Stern

I think we have all experienced it, when we are going through a difficult or challenging period in our lives then we see a movie, a show, or in my case hear something on the radio where it feels like someone is talking directly to you and personally giving you advice.

I have been a habitual listener of Howrad Stern Radio for years, and just last week I heard a segment that moved me, and made me feel that I am not alone and not the only one 'lost' in this busy corporate world.

When a caller asked Howard what the worst job he ever had was, Howard went off about working at an ad agency and placing ads - keep in mind, this is what I do for a living... He went on about his journeys and struggles to find his place and find what would make him happy in a career. He went on to say:

"What am I going to do, no one wants me. Ya know, all I wanted as a young guy looking for work, I wanted to belong somewhere." As he wandered the streets of New York he would say to himself, "where am i going to belong, where am I going to fit in? I just want to go somewhere and contribute everyday. And I would sit in a coffee shop and dream of a job. I would see everybody look like they were on there way to somewhere; and I was going nowhere fast."

The reason this touches me so much, and inspires me is because of Howard's success. We often view the success from those on top as effortless and easy. We forget the struggles and moments where they have felt lost and unsure, because we only see them from where they are now.

I have done a ton of soul searching recently, since I have felt the way Howard did for the past 5 years. I am now confident in what I want and long for in a career and that is simply to use my talents and passion in everyday work. I need to get into a creative communications / marketing position. Using my art everyday from writing, designing, creative thinking, photography, social media and more to take a brand or company to new heights is something that will motivate and inspire me everyday. I need to find a company who believes in innovation and change and will welcome my ideas and free thinking. I want to be the Howard Stern of a company and be cursed for not giving in to corporate pressures and praised for being myself and sticking to who I am.

For you Howard Stern - peace and love, peace and love! And thank you!