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March 17, 2014

Journey Jug

Microbrew enthusiasts, rejoice! Here is a new brewery sidekick that can record beers tasted, breweries visited, growler cleanings, miles traveled and more. Take this jug with you each and every time you visit a new brewery and watch your 'beer holding apparatus' create a story and lifestyle of its own. Sure, you have other growlers, but do they praise you for filling it and help you show authority in the microbrew world? I am guessing they do not.

So here's how it works; each journey jug has a 5-digit tracking number. Enter the tracking number at journeyjug.com and record your adventures. The best part is that each time you use the jug, you can build on to the story. Share your brewery adventures with your friends and other journey jug carriers or see how you rank among other microbrew lovers. Beware –some breweries refuse to fill growlers without their name on it. If you happen to run into this problem (like Ken and I did at Rochester Mills Brewery) don't be afraid to get sassy with their social media and show a little rebellion against the brewery until they get with the times of growler sharing.

To begin sharing your brew adventures with the world, click on the Journey Jug image below to buy your own, and begin sharing and tracking your journey. 


Photos from Dan Socie, www.dansocie.com