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March 2, 2014


It's always exciting to find new favorites; whether it's a new song, new band, new friend, new article of clothing, or a new brand. For the past month I have been pinning new outfits and styles that I liked, but never bothered looking at the brands. Last night while doing online shopping I started with my Pinterest board to guide my online shopping journey, and ended up spending all my time on this Madewell's site. My style is very simple, and timeless, and since I get buyers remorse every time I buy something, I tend to stick with more basic pieces. What I love most about these Tee's is that they are made of linen and have front pockets. Love it! The brand feels like a blend of American Apparel and J.Crew - simple, yet well made and trendy.

Can't wait to place my order and try something new.

Reference: www.madewell.com/