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March 13, 2014

Meet Peugeot

Meet our little puppy, Peugeot! He is our sidekick, our best friend, and the best little travel companion. We treat him like our child, and take him everywhere we go. I thought it would be important to introduce you to him, since you will see him a lot in photos and read about him in adventures.

We have made many mistakes with this dog, starting out by naming our English Setter a French name. Oops! Perhaps a classic English name like Henry, William, James, or Charles would have been more appropriate. In addition to his name, due to his lack of training and discipline, he is not the best behaved animal you will ever meet. But we believe this gives him character / personality and makes him unique in every way. He is very smart, and has Ken and I well trained.

If you are European or a traveler of Europe, you know the car and bicycle company Peugeot – yes, this is where we got his name. I love the logo of Peugeot and with Ken and I being a fan of European cars and bikes – it is so fitting. It is also fitting that European drivers are crazy and so is this little guy.