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March 9, 2014

Schuss, Shanty, and Short's

We packed up the Eurovan early Saturday morning and ventured north to Bellaire, Michigan for probably our last snowboard trip of the season. It has been a hellacious winter this year, but for those like Ken and I who love snow, we consider it an epic season. Other than our trips out west, we have spent many weekends and evenings snowboarding Michigan hills.  This weekend we got 'hooked up' at Schuss Mountain / Shanty Creek for a late season trip. What I love most about this place is it's laid back, easy to navigate, and it felt like we had the place to ourselves. No lines, no obnoxious groups of people, just Ken and I and open slopes.

After a day of snowboarding, we went downtown to Short's Brewing Company to quench our thirst with and expand our pallets with new beer. Yes, I had a cheat meal and night off from my diet so I could taste and enjoy a local brewery. 

When I visit a local brewery for the first time I always choose to do a sampler so I can get a good taste of the different beers on tap and learn a little more about the brewery. Short's had very unique beer on top with a lot of English inspired flavors. I tried a Chocolate Wheat, Bourbon Carrot Cake, Dark Chai, London fog (which is infused with Earl Grey Tea), and Honey Badger. Each beer was so different and so original that it was totally worth the trip.

Excellent job with the beer, and cheers to you Short's for branching out and crafting very unique beer. Just work on your service and create a seating system to provide your guests so they are not hovering over people while eating and pacing the restaurant back and forth looking for a place to seat. Until this is fixed we will not be going back but will still buy and enjoy your beer.