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March 8, 2014


Ken and I have boarded the Craft Brew bandwagon and are completely loving the ride! In our travels to different states and different towns, we are always on the prowl for a new micro brew.  I blame this on living in Grand Rapids, or rather Beer City USA. Our backyard is flourishing with nationally acclaimed craft beer and we have not taken advantage of this situation. We have grown to be complete beer snobs.

Last night, Ken and I, along with our friends Dan and Steph, went to New Belgium Brewing's release party of Snapshot Wheat. It's a delicious beer rich and spritzy with a great blend of tangy, sour and tart. Yum! New Belgium is driving the county in a sweet rig, setting up photo booths and using social media and fun, artsy pix to push this beer. What a smart idea for New Belgium to take advantage of the social media and image sharing trend by promoting the beer the same way we promote ourselves. Brilliant marketing, New Belgium!

The tour has just begum, see the link below to find dates the bus will be arriving in your town!

The photo above is of my friend Steph and I in the photo booth and image below is graffiti from Stella's Bar, where the release party was held.