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March 7, 2014

Tabata Queen

As you know my 30 day challenge for March is a fitness challenge; to train and eat like a female competitive bikini body builder. So far, so good; I am almost a week in and need to re-evaluate my diet since I am only losing weight at this time. Defiantly not a terrible thing, but I want to do this the right/smart way.

While spending time on www.bodybuilder.com I came across sponsored athlete, Erin Stern's Tabata workout video. I had never heard of Tabata until just last week, which surprises me since I consider myself somewhat fitness savvy. So what is Tabata? To simplify, it’s a 4 minute high intensity circuit training workout that gets the job done fast. 

The best thing about Tabata, is you can insert your favorite moves and work your problem areas by customizing this program to best fit you. You can also create the workout based on the environment you are you are in; and no gym membership required.

Here is the basic outline:
•     The session lasts only 4 minutes long
•     20 seconds of intense training
•     10 seconds of rest
•     Total of 8 sessions / rounds

This is my Tabata workout from last night:
•     Squat Reach Jump
•     Mountain Climbers
•     Push Ups
•     High Knees

Then keep repeating!

It's fast and intense, and after 4 short minutes it feels like a hell of a workout. If you use your iPhone to workout there is a wonderful free app called 'Tabata Timer' that I use and strongly recommend. The best part of this exercise is you can't really mess this up. So try it, I dare you!