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March 19, 2014

Why Artisan Happiness?

quote on happiness and life

Why Artisan Happiness?

We titled our blog Artisan Happiness for a few different reasons. Artisan by definition is a person who is skilled at making things by hand. Most often, artisan is talked about as creative, skilled, hand crafted, custom, a builder, a creator, an originator etc. Artisan Happiness first came about from our desire to live more of an 'nontraditional' life and simply crafting or customizing happiness just for us.

In everyday life, I feel the pressures from our society to have that 'important' job so you can make great deals of money, to have kids, the big house, fancy clothes and everything that comes along with it. I have realized that this is not the life for me or for us. Sure I want that job that makes me happy and makes me feel fulfilled, but the I do not want my life to be like my parents and their generation where you work for 50 years and retire hoping to start your life then. Or like most Americans who are tied down by kids and the big house / big payments where you can't just pack up and leave for an extended period of time. We may be doing things a bit different, but this is our crafted life. We love to feel weightless, selfish, free-spirited, and adventurous. This is what makes us happiest.

In addition to just a lifestyle, artisan or craft is also a word that can describe our taste in food / beer, clothes, and products. We have fallen in love with craft beer, and American made, hand crafted products like Shinola, Wolverine, Filson, Taylor Stitch, Detroit Denim, and more. We have also become somewhat food snobs and choose to only eat local, organic foods. So, this blog will be about all the craft beer, organic eats and the products that we love.