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April 6, 2014

Hanging with the Locals

Wetsuits, surfboards, and cameras are packed as we load up our rental car and head west from Dublin to County Clare, Ireland. I am beyond excited to see a new part of Ireland and see how the locals here live. We will be staying in a quaint area with huge waves, gorgeous cliffs and 'three little pigs'.

Last night we met up with Mitch, Fergal and their surf crew to catch the Irish Surf Shorts, a film documentary night filmed by Irish suffers, which was an amazing opportunity to learn about the surf culture here. When I think of Ireland, surfing is not something that has ever come to mind, well not until now at least. The surfers here have it good as they surf some of the biggest swells I have seen and over look the picturesque cliffs of Ireland. Each film that played made me more and more excited about what I am about to see and experience in these next few hours.

Here is a sneak peak at Mitch and Fergal's life, and a preview of the lifestyle I will be living during my last few days here in Ireland.