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April 16, 2014

I'm Back with Tony

I am sipping on my protein shake and still shaking from my Chest and Back workout as I announce that I have officially started P90X today and am back on Tony Horton's plan.

I am a 3X graduate of P90X and keep coming back because I love the workouts, love Tony and the results this workout brings to my body. 

For the past 6 months I was a member of MVP gym paying $82/month on gym fees, but that has quickly become ridiculous. I was getting great results doing Body Power and Bootcamp classes at the gym, but realized that I can workout at home and save loads of money. 

What frustrates me most about working out is how long it takes to get results, and how quickly they are gone once you stop. It has been almost a month now since I stopped working out due to other priorities set for myself and I spent the past hour feeling like I could throw up at any point during my workout. I feel 'loose in the cage' and that I am completely out of shape. I need these workouts and need to get back to feeling fit and healthy again.

My plan and goals are to go all out over these next 3 months by eating clean and doing extra runs to enhance the results. I am not following the recommended diet plan as closely, but am eliminating processed foods and sugars. I know this will make such a difference in my body and the way I feel and in turn will help the results show more. I am done hating the way my body looks and the way I feel and am making this change for myself.

Here are my goals over the next 90 days:
  • Follow P90X and do the workouts daily
  • No sugar and processed foods 
  • One glass of alcohol a week only
  • Run an extra 5-10 miles per week

Like a good P90X follower, I will take photos at the beginning, 30 day, 60 day and 90 day mark so I can show you my progress. What I love most about this program is how disciplined you have to be. I love practicing self-control, it makes me feel more in control in everyday life. 

Let the fun begin!

*Change your mind, change your body*