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April 14, 2014

Life on the Farm

After hanging out with Mitch for a week, I realized I am living life all wrong. Mitch is living his dream and doing what he loves every moment of every day. Part time professional surfer, part time farmer; Mitch has become a legend by land and sea.

Imagine waking up, checking the surf forecast and planning your day around that. If the surf is right, he begins in the sea riding the most epic swells in the country. If the waves are not pumping, he spends his time working the land growing a local, sustainable organic farm. After taking everything Mitch and the other farmers need to get by, they generously give their crops to friends, family and anyone in the town who wants or needs it.

The community Mitch lives in has begun to notice what he and his crew is doing for the community and in return, locals are giving them pieces of their land to use and grow. There is one lot in particular that they have turned into the community garden where locals can help plant, grow, pick the fruits and vegetables. There is also a small stage they have built for music, bonfires and for people to gather. It is amazing what they are doing for their community and the fulfillment it brings to the crew.

For more, visit Mitch and Fergal's Youtube Channel, Line 9 Growing. Below is another episode.