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April 5, 2014

My Goodness, my Guinness

Guinness runs the city of Dublin, without a doubt. Every bar in the city has Guinness signs all over the outside and within promoting their beer. Many city walls are even painted with the famous Guinness Toucan and billboards are draped with their messaging.

While in Dublin, it is only appropriate that two little beer enthusiats decided to go explore the Guinness Storehouse and enjoy a Guinness right where it's made. Ken and I are personally fans of Guinness since we love dark, frothy, nitro-infused beer. Yum! What we found when we got there is this is probably the biggest Tourist Trap we have ever been to, but we did it! And were rewarded with a pint of beer in the end.

There were 7 floors in the Storehouse of education on how the beer is made and what makes Guinness unique.  Included in the 7 floors was the history, the ingredients, a collection of their advertising campaigns, a gift shop (of course), a tasting room and the top floor was a circular room with all glass windows so you could see a 365 degree panoramic view of the city of Dublin. It was a breath taking view of the city and made our draft beers taste so much better because of it.

In summary, it was an over the top theatrical production, but the tourists were loving it, and so were we. It may have been a bit over done, but if you do visit Dublin, this is a must.

See below for more photos on our 2 hour, and 16 Euro per person adventure: