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April 10, 2014

The Colorful Town of Lahinch, Ireland

I fell in love with the little Irish town of Lahinch while in County Clare. With pubs lining the streets, colorful painted walls and the sense of community that you could quickly pick up on by the interactions of the locals around here. It was quiet, quaint, and laid back little village, that you could almost call ‘old fashioned’. The locals still use the trade / barder system and no one in the town accepted credit cards - cash only. The pubs were filled with older gentleman and Irish Traditional music with violins, fiddles, and accordions filled the pubs around town. It was such a great experience being in a non-touristy area and really getting a good feel of what the lifestyle is here. We spent hours in a local pub with a wood burring stove heating the place and Irish Trads playing around us. It was so relaxing to be a part of the traditional Irish pub scene. 
At one point while in a pub, Mitch walked in with his new puppy and she sat on the bench in between Mitch and I as we ate dinner and drank our beer. I kept asking Mitch if this was okay that he had his dog in the local pub, and he said, "Yes, everyone brings their dogs to the pub!” Wow.. I must be living in the wrong country. Peugeot would love pubs! I am sure of it. 

What makes me laugh about this town is they do not have postal codes or address for that matter. When looking for our rental house we were told it was next to the golf course in Spanish Point and it was house number 2. That was all the instructions we had to find the home we would be spending the next week in. This place is great, the pace of life around here is ideal for me and how I wish I lived my life.