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May 25, 2014

Sparrow Fashion Show

As you may know, I am not that into clothing, shoes, makeup, or any of the 'pretty little things' that most girls my age are into. Although I would love to be, and appreciate fashion and all the glamorous things in life, I can never get myself to spend the money on those kinds of things. BUT after my friend, Laura (a fashion blogger from Relatively Offbeat) invited me to a fashion show in downtown Grand Rapids, I thought I should go out with her and try something new.

I though I fit in that night with all the swanky girls and fashion bloggers in the crowd. I showered that day and did my hair, make up, and even dressed the part! (Success!!) The show was a blast, and very well done. I loved feeling like I was a part of the 'fashion world' and being a part of something new.

A shout out to Sparrow Fashion for a job well done!

Here are some of my photos from the adventure: