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June 30, 2014

The Limited - Shopping Event

Earlier this month I was given a great opportunity to sponsor an insiders fashion event at The Limited. The event happened the night after a new floor set, so my girlfriends and I were able to see the most recent trends and have the store to ourselves to try on clothes, spend time with each other and get a killer deal on the newest threads. The Limited provided snacks, door prizes, discounts, giveaways and more which had myself and my girlfriends very entertained for hours. We all walked away with new goodies and had a blast together. 

Thank you to all the fun and enthusiastic girls at The Limited, and to Tricia at Woodland Mall for making this event perfect!

See their latest fashion here!

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June 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Peugeot!

Celebrating a dogs birthday is a completely normal thing, right? Regardless, every year we celebrate Peugeot's birthday and a big deal out of this little pup's special day. He gets to wear a birthday hat, get treated to presents, bones, toys, treats and the causal pick up and birthday song!

Our little guy turned 5 yesterday and Ken and I are so grateful for the best friend that we have. 

June 28, 2014

New Belgium Brewing - Clips in the Park

Last night Ken and I, along with a few close friends headed downtown to catch New Belgium's Clips in the Park, a traveling beer and film tour sponsored by New Belgium Brewing. This was our second year attending the event, and had an amazing time for our second year in a row. 

Out of the 21 cities this event travels to, it is so cool that Grand Rapids is now on the map for being a trendy, hip, artsy, biker friendly, beer drinking city. The event gives 100% of the beer proceeds to a local nonprofit organization, and Grand Rapids chose to donate the proceeds to the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition to help our city add 100 miles of bike lanes in the city here by 2015. Therefore, this event was very bicycle focused and strongly encouraged locals to bike to the event. 

Below is my favorite clip from the event last night that had me laughing out loud from start to finish. Further below are some shots from my experience at this event!

June 6, 2014

Late to the #LDR Bandwagon

I love staying on top of the indie music scene and be the first to hear new songs, new bands, and see artists well before they get big. Well, somehow Lana Del Rey swept under me and I was one of the lasts to fall in love with her music. Sure, her Great Gatsby song, 'Young and Beautiful' was on every playlist I created last year, but I never bothered to look more into her albums or songs to discover her music... not until now at least.

My album of the summer is Born to Die by Lana Del Rey - how great is this collection? I love cranking up my stereo in my jeep jammin' to her songs. Ahhh! It's love - and have you seen this girl? She's gorgeous! Add her to my girl crush list. I have heard rumors lately that she will be releasing a new album sometime soon, and unlike last time, I will be one of the firsts to get this.

If you haven't listened to her music yet, above is Summertime Sadness off her Born to Die disc.

June 5, 2014

Healthy. Simple. Delicious

I am not a gourmet chef by any means, but I love having easy go-to meals for the week nights that are still healthy. One very easy, mindless dish that I have been making are burrito bowls. This filling and healthy dish has only 5 ingredients and takes only a few minutes to make.

Romain Lettuce
Brown Rice
Black Beans

While your brown rice is cooking, chop lettuce and cut your avocado. Wait for brown rice to finish, then add black beans to rice to cook for a few minutes. Once that is done, grab a bowl and start with lettuce at the bottom, then add your rice and black beans, then avocado, then top with salsa! Wah-lah!

You can add cheese, peppers, onion or anything else you wish to this meal. But like most dishes, you can't really mess it up on the different things you add.


June 3, 2014

A Workout Buddy

I will be honest, I have had the hardest time sticking to a workout plan and following through on anything fitness since the first of the year. I am typically that rare individual that says I am going to do something - then sticks to it religiously! Hence the fact that I have graduated P90X 3 times; that is commitment!

So, after noticing my buddy Laura in Florida pinning fitness tips and workouts on Pinterest, I decided to reach out to her to be my workout buddy and commit together - she gladly accepted. Our fitness challenge, that we refer to as 'High Booty' with Bar Refaeli as our mascot and motivator, began this past Saturday and is going to be our challenge for the next 3 months. We both weighed in and took our before photos... barf! If you want to get motivated immediately, have someone take a photo of you in a swimsuit. It's depressing. My desire and want to get back into shape and to lose fat and build muscle has become my 90 day challenge.

Since I am not giving up this time and have someone to hold me accountable and sends me daily inspiration photos, I will be sure to track my success and progress. I want it so bad so that I can't see myself backing down or giving up.

Laura, let's do this!!