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June 3, 2014

A Workout Buddy

I will be honest, I have had the hardest time sticking to a workout plan and following through on anything fitness since the first of the year. I am typically that rare individual that says I am going to do something - then sticks to it religiously! Hence the fact that I have graduated P90X 3 times; that is commitment!

So, after noticing my buddy Laura in Florida pinning fitness tips and workouts on Pinterest, I decided to reach out to her to be my workout buddy and commit together - she gladly accepted. Our fitness challenge, that we refer to as 'High Booty' with Bar Refaeli as our mascot and motivator, began this past Saturday and is going to be our challenge for the next 3 months. We both weighed in and took our before photos... barf! If you want to get motivated immediately, have someone take a photo of you in a swimsuit. It's depressing. My desire and want to get back into shape and to lose fat and build muscle has become my 90 day challenge.

Since I am not giving up this time and have someone to hold me accountable and sends me daily inspiration photos, I will be sure to track my success and progress. I want it so bad so that I can't see myself backing down or giving up.

Laura, let's do this!!