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July 12, 2014

Day Four: Fame M-22 Journey

We woke up Sunday to strong winds and grey gloomy skies. We spent the morning debating whether to stay in the Leelanau area and later head home that day or to continue our journey north to Michigan's Upper Peninsula for more days of adventure. The decision was made to make our way home due to the storms and rain coming our way.

Our first stop of the day was a quaint little breakfast diner in Leland; a place we had been to together when dating before our South Manitou Island backpacking trip. After loading up on pancakes (my favorite) and coffee, Ken went biking and I stayed in Leland to walk around this adorable town and hang out with Peugeot. I love this old fisherman village and the shops that surround the town are darling.

And of course, you cannot be in the Leelanau Peninsula without going to wineries... We only did make it to one winery, a place Ken and I had not been to before. It is an all organic winery called, Good Neighbor. Although they did not have a huge selection of wines, they did have really good ciders on tap including a Chai Cider and some kind of Raspberry Cider - both were excellent!

Following our wine tasting we drove around a bit and stopped in Newport to see what that little town was about, briefly then began our journey home. Heading South on M-22 we stopped in Frankfort again to fill up our growler with Stormcloud's epic beer and catch one last glimpse of the lighthouse here and my new little favorite Michigan town.

It was a long drive home with strong winds, heavy rain and one epic light show of lightning. We were glad we made the decision to head home with how bad the storms were Sunday and Monday. M-22 was very good to us and our van held up like a champ. It was the absolute perfect holiday weekend with my family, Northern Michigan and one 1981 Vanagon.

Happiness is Free.