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July 10, 2014

Day Three: Fame M-22 Journey

By day three, my electrical devices were dead. Besides the lack of photos taken on day three, we still had a very busy day of exploring and living the Pure Michigan life. After coffee, we made our way into Traverse City to catch the Blue Angels perform - this was so cool and a highlight of the trip. I had seen the Blue Angels when I was a kid, but only now did I truly appreciate it. I felt like a kid again with a huge smile on my face and giggling as the screaming jets flew over my head. Watching this air show was worth the traffic congestion getting in and out of town. Although I do not have any photos of this event, I do have videos that I am still working on editing and will share soon.

Once the air show finished we headed south to Arbutus Lake to visit our friends Tim and Lisa. We spent time boating and playing in yet another beautiful Michigan lake until sun began setting and we found a camp site right around the corner from their cottage. Since we found our camping spot early in the evening we had time to relax, grill and finally celebrate the holiday with sparklers. Post celebrating, we jumped in the van to hide from the mosquitos and played cribbage for the rest of the night.

"Never go on trips with anyone you do not love." - Ernest Hemingway