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July 21, 2014

From Coast to Coast

After spending the past few weekends vacationing along the coast of Lake Michigan, Ken and I ventured East to visit Lake Huron for the weekend. Growing up in the Detroit area; Caseville, Port Austin and other cities along the thumb were the hot spots for summer vacations. Since my dad was a kid, he and his family of 7 would rent cottages for the week one week a year in the Caseville area to spend a week relaxing and spending quality time with the family and Michigan's Great Lake, Lake Huron. The tradition is still going strong some 50 years later, the family is still doing it. This year, my brother and his girlfriend came up from Miami to partake in the annual tradition. What a wonderful weekend of relaxing, drinking and spending time with my amazing family.

While in Caseville, we are able to try a new brewery called, Thumb Brewery. They did only have one beer of theirs on tap, which was quite good, but I was slightly disappointed that they ran out of their Oatmeal Stout (these are my favorite!)  

When Ken and my brother, Jeff get together they just play like they are 10 years old. They bring mitts and balls of all types, frisbees, etc so they can just run and play together. Between Jeff and his girlfriend, Ken and I - we had so much fun with each other. 

And like any good Michigangster, we took every opportunity to walk the beach and watch the sunsets. Here are a few photos from our journey.