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July 2, 2014

Your Consumer Footprint

This video is a great summary on everything you need to know about all the 'shit' you have/want/need and the waste we create from the desires the media embeds in our head.

What a fascinating video on how we are cursed with the want to have so much and the need we feel to spend every dollar we make based on the media we hear and see.

As I am sure you have read from posts in the past, I do everything I can to spend my money on travel and adventures rather than things, clothes, my appearance, etc. This video has even made me realize even more about my buying habits and make sense of why I wish I had more. After watching this video I will always chose a second hand store and ORGANIC products over new chemically infused products.

This video is a must see, and I hope it changes your perception on the horrific footprint we are leaving on this planet everyday.