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September 14, 2014

10 Things to do in Miami, Under $10

There's no way around it, traveling is expensive no matter which city you are visiting. Since I have traveled to Miami many times, I would like to help you see and do it all while sticking to your budget. 

Here are my top 10 things to do, under $10 in Miami. 
Get ready for a killer vacation!

10. Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is along the shoreline of Miami Beach and is a showcase of Art Deco hotels and buildings. This is a beautiful walk, day or night, that we keep you entertained for a while. Enjoy the parks, restaurants, clubs, or just the simple walk and art all around you.

Cost: Free 

9. Miami Beach

South Beach is known around the world for the beautiful beaches, clear blue ocean waters and of course, the gorgeous men and women that flock to these beaches. Whether you choose to go topless or not, this beach is perfect for relaxing, swimming and people watching. Make a day out of it, or just swim around for a bit and tan. It's all up to you, and guess what - it's free!

Cost: Free

8. Lincoln Road Mall
Escape from the traffic and heat by spending time walking up and down Lincoln Road. This road is filled with shopping, dining, art galleries, and more. 

Cost: Free

7. Virginia Keys
Get a great view of Miami’s famous city skyline and enjoy the much more private, low key beaches of Miami. This is a 10 minute drive from South Beach and only a $1.75 toll fee to get across the bridge. See Miami from a new point of view and remove yourself from the chaos for the city. You can rent stand up paddle boards, snorkel equipment and other kinds of boats at the beach here. Also, if you are lucky enough as Ken and I were, you will be able to see sting ray, fish and sea creatures pass below you.

Cost: $1.75

6. Walk the Yacht Clubs

There is no shortage of yacht clubs are marinas around the city of Miami. The yachts, sailboats, and speed boats are one of a kind here. They are bigger, better, fancier, and much more expensive than the boats I have ever seen in Michigan. I was blown away walking along the yacht clubs the variety of different boats. There are even cruise ship ports along the city that are fun to watch the massive ships come in and out.

Cost: Free

5. Take the Boardwalk
Get a change of scenery walking along the boardwalk along side the ocean. This is a much quieter and more peaceful way to see the city and all the amazing hotels along the ocean. This boardwalk will take you most places you need to go in Miami and let's you enjoy the sounds of the crashing waves while doing so.

Cost: Free

4. Versailles Cuban Cuisine

Does this place look familiar? Some of the most famous movies filmed in Miami have had a scene shot in this restaurant including: 'Bad Boys', 'Chef', 'The Fast and The Furious' and many others. Stop by here for the most authentic cuban food. I highly recommend the cuban sandwich and traditional cuban coffee. Yum!

Cost: Depends on what you order. Cuban Sandwich - $5.95

3. Cape Florida State Park
Voted 8 out of the 10 top beaches in Florida, there is no secret as to why this beach has earned its popularity. This quite, white coral sand beach has beautiful views of Miami's skyline, Stiltsville, the Key Biscayne Lighthouse and more. Escape the crowd and madness of South Beach and find luxury in this gorgeous park.

Cost: $8 Park Pass 

2. Key Biscayne Lighthouse 

This is a must for anyone traveling to Miami. From the top of the light house you can see Stiltsville, beautiful beaches, unique homes and a different view of Miami’s city skyline. Climb the 110 stairs to the top of the tower and see Miami from a new light. 

Cost: $8.00 for park pass and $1.75 bridge toll

1. Wyndwood Walls

If you are into the arts, fashion, a little bit of grunge; this area is for you. The city walls have been turned into canvases for amateur and professional graffiti artist to showcase their work to the masses. This area of town is rough, yet so beautiful with all the colorful art.

Cost: Free