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September 23, 2014

Flagstaff is for Us

Beards, brews, dreads, coffee and mountains; sounds like paradise to me. Ken and I explored this college town / mountain town and felt right at home the moment we arrived. A town that has a great mixture of microbreweries, coffee houses, farm to table restaurants, trendy retails spots and most notably, the mountains that look like a backdrop placed behind a city, it wasn't long before we made ourselves comfortable here.

Besides the little hipsters that fill this town, Flagstaff is full of history and character. A cool weather mountain town oasis, surrounded by high desert to the north and Sonoran desert south. This old mining town is covered with ponderosa pines, elk running the woods, and trains screaming through the town like clockwork. This town is a very welcoming, with laid back vibe and small town feel. Plus, it was breath of fresh air to be in a more relaxed city after days in tourist destinations.

It was a great place to have stay and spend a few days.