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September 22, 2014

Welcome to Arizona

After hours of driving to northern Arizona, amazed by the geology of this state, it occurred to us that Arizona is not a typical travel destination for those who are not college students or retirees. Had it not been for Ken’s cousin getting married, this is not a state we ever discussed visiting or had the desire to explore, but we are so glad we did! Arizona is filled with so much to do and see; from desert landscapes to mountain towns, we were able to capture much of the states natural beauty. 

Over the next few days, we would like to share with you our incredible vacation in Arizona and show the allure of this state. Go beyond the Grand Canyon and explore the depth and variety of this place has to offer. Take in the red rocks, volcanic black sand, mountain views, canyons, desert and more. Hopefully you too will see through these posts how beautiful this state is and add Arizona to your list of U.S travel destinations.

Day One: Sedona

We arrived in Phoenix Thursday morning, picked up our rental car and made our way north to Flagstaff. To break up the 2 hour drive to our destination we took a few hours to explore the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. The contrast between the red sand, red rocks and lush green vegetation mixed in was stunning. We enjoyed short hikes through the red sand and explored the heavily trafficked tourist downtown area filled of gift shops and restaurants. This town did appear to cater more towards the older population, but bring your hiking shoes and tons of water and you can turn this town into your own rugged adventure. We highly recommend Sedona in your travels to Arizona.

Here are some of our favorite views from the very red town of Sedona: