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September 9, 2014

Wynwood Art District

I'm absolutely in love with the art of graffiti.  When city walls and buildings are turned into canvases for rebellious artists, and know the rush/risk we all know is involved in getting caught; you can’t help but be intreguiged in the story behind the art.

This afternoon I visited The Wynwood Art District in Miami, the most creative and inspiring area I have ever been. This is an old beat down part of town that is turning into an upbeat area for artists, and young urban city dwellers that want to be a part of an artsy community. The art galleries, restaurants, coffee houses, and retail spaces that line the streets are all one of kind businesses that can keep you entertained for hours. I was blown away by how unique and different this part of Miami was, it is one of those places that makes you feel like you are a part of some kind of art movement and something that is bigger than you.

There is a small graffiti park in the center of town, that is exclusive to famous graffiti artists, called Wynwood Walls. Within these walls, you will see some the most colorful and creative graffiti in the world. One of the commissioned artist who has a beautiful wall on display is the famous, Shepard Fairey.

If you visit Miami, you must make this a destination. I am confident this area is going to continue to develop and soon have even more to offer over the next year. This area will not disappoint you, I promise. 

See below for art from around the town and within the boundaries of Wyndwood Walls.