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December 31, 2014

2014 Year End Recap

2014 has been an incredible year for us. It's been a year filled with adventure and exploration; a year of taking risks and trying new things. Looking back at 2014 I can't help but feel grateful for the opportunities we have had and for the life Ken and I share together. As I conclude 2014, I will document this year as my favorite year thus far and the most fun year I have had yet!

Here is our 2014 breakout by month and the highlights we experienced in each month. 

*January Highlights*
*We went to Colorado for a week of snowboarding, exploring, breweries and concerts.

*February Highlights*
*Booked a trip one week in advance to escape the snow, ice storms and freezing temperatures - to see the sun and explore Costa Rica together for the first time.
*Started the blog, Artisan Happiness which has become my favorite hobby and a great passion of mine.

*March Highlights*
*Sold the Eurovan that Ken and I have had since we started dating, which was tough for both of us. This van took us all over the country together.

*April Highlights*
*We went to Ireland! Ken and I had the chance to stay with Ken's friends who are professional surfers and organic farmers so Ken could direct a film. We still found the time to wander the country together and see breathtaking landscapes and views of this country. Ireland is so beautiful and a place I need to visit again.

*May Highlights*
*Tulip Time is always a highlight for me.
*A weekend in Frankenmuth to watch Ken race and enjoy the small town.

*June Highlights*
*Bought our 1981 Vanagon on Ebay.
*Spent a few weekends in Detroit to visit our favorite areas and went to a couple Tiger Games.
*Peugeot turned 5!

*July Highlights*
*Ken and I went on our first van trip together to explore Northern Michigan.

*August Highlights*
*Ken was in Asia for almost the entire month of August which gave me the time to spend a lot of time reconnecting with nature which included many hikes and walks.

*September Highlights*
*September was a very busy month of travel, we explored Florida and Arizona together. It was my first time in Arizona and I fell in love with the state and the town of Flagstaff.

*October Highlights*
*Ken and I both ran our first half marathon in Detroit, which was a huge accomplishment for both of us and made us fall in love with running.
*The weather in October was gorgeous which kept us moving and traveling in the van all month long.

*November Highlights*
*The highlight of November was the beginning of the holiday season and staying home to be with friends and family.

*December Highlights*
*Holidays with family.

Wishing you all an adventurous and darling 2015!