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December 4, 2014

Five Life Lessons from our Vanagon

This past weekend Ken and I put the van in storage for the winter - it was a sad day for both of us. Although this was only our first year with this van, it brought us so many amazing moments and memories that will last forever. This van symbolizes our two favorite things, both freedom and adventure at it's finest. We have shared the best Pure Michigan trips together in this adventure mobile.

There are five major themes or rather lessons that can be learned, shared and embraced each and every time we get in the van that transcends into everyday life.

1. Patience - If you know me, you know I am not a patient person... Each time we jump in the van it is something I have had to practice and get used to. With the van maxing out at 55 mph we literally go nowhere fast. It truly is the journey that is most enjoyable and memorable on each adventure, not the destination. This is one lesson I have taken from the van and am bringing into life everyday - Stay patient, you'll get there. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

2. Character Building - From the photos on this blog you may have noticed this van is missing a passenger side mirror and the front and back bumper look like it has survived a drive by shooting, but that's just the start of it... Look inside (when the sliding door actually works) and you will find many other flaws, or rather unique characteristics that makes this van so special and perfect for us. Perfection is an illusion in a world where character means everything. It is the imperfections that make something most beautiful.

3. Silence - What a beautiful sound! Not sure if it's the radio or the speakers that are broken in the van (add this to the character building list) but Ken and I cannot get the sound to come through. Therefore, when not in some deep philosophical conversation, singing 90's rap or our very own parodies we enjoy the silence together. It is my belief that silence helps us take in the scenery and the experience; to daydream and reflect.

4. Always take the road less traveled- Some of the most beautiful spots we have seen, adventures we have taken, and unique towns / restaurants / sites / etc. have been stops along the back roads of Michigan. We miss so much by rushing to our destination and miss out on the hidden gems along the back roads. Turn down the unmarked road, drive closer to the beaches, and connect more with your surroundings by slowing down and taking the road less traveled. I promise, you will be rewarded for this.

5. Unplug - Unplug and reconnect with nature. Once we get going for the weekend we cannot stop to charge any devices, which is just fine. We turn off our phones (besides the occasional Instagram photo) to just enjoy our time together and be disconnected from all the noise. This is something we should all practice more often.
Can't wait until spring so we can pull our Vanagon out from storage 
and put her back on the open road!