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January 31, 2015

A Cabin in the Woods

For adventurous millennials, like Ken and I, hotels are a thing of the past. When we travel and explore we want to stay and play like the locals. We crave the full experience every situation offers and make sure to live organically while we travel. Therefore, while staying in the mountains, we went all out and rented the most adorable cabin in the woods. There was a group of five of us and with our incredible, remote cabin we were able to walk to the mountain for the day and escape the chaos of life for days. There was something so special about making a fire for heat and not having a TV to distract us. Just good local Utah beer, home cooked meals and amazing conversations to pass the time. 
Ken found this cabin on VRBO and it was perfect. If you are looking to get out and explore Utah the way we did it, here is the cabin we rented. Check it out here!

January 30, 2015

Greatest Snow on Earth

For those living in the Midwest, you may not think of Utah as your first destination for skiing and snowboarding. Maybe I can change your mind. If you are looking to save time, money, while still riding some of the most fun terrain in the U.S., this is the place for you. There is an ease and convenience to landing in Salt Lake City and spending your time in the Wasatch Mountains. SLC International airport is located in the valley only about 40 mins from the mountains. Therefore, you can land, rent a car and be riding the slopes within an hour of arriving. Impressive, right? Also, there is a reason the license plates in Utah read, ‘Greatest Snow on Earth’. The snow here in Utah is unlike any place in the world. it is a light, dry snow and it accumulates fast. Even though Ken and I only make it out here once a year, we have experienced countless days of 12 inches of fresh snow, nights in a row… can’t beat that! Additionally, the mixture of terrain the Wasatch and resort provide - from aggressive cliffs to rolling mountain slopes, you can accomplish anything here. Get out to Utah and get ready to experience the powder, blue bird days, open runs, and the greatest snow on earth!
While in Utah this trip we spent 3 full days at 3 different resorts. We played at our favorite place, Brighton; when you get to the top of the mountain you are well above the clouds. It is one of the most beautiful views ever. The second day was spent at Solitude, which is sentimental to both Ken and I since this is where he proposed to me. And our third day was spent exploring Snowbasin together for the first time. Each day was unique in it’s own way and was incredible each run down. 
See below for more images on each mountain village.



January 29, 2015

Breweries of Salt Lake City

As a traveler, I believe breweries are a great reflection of a city. It is a showcase of a towns art, culture, taste and people. There is something raw / organic about a local brewery that attracts the young and soulful. Ken and I visited three new breweries while in Salt Lake this year. We tried Squatters / Salt Lake Brewing Company, Red Rock Brewing Company and Unita Brewing Company. Thumbs up to all three breweries!

January 27, 2015

The Great Salt Lake

The moment I say 'Great Salt Lake' I immediately think about the song 'The Great Salt Lake' by Band of Horses. I will be sure to add it to the bottom of this post for your listening pleasure.

Most people travel to Salt Lake City, Utah without ever stopping to see this incredible body of water that gave this city it's name. The salt lake/flats are rich in history very unique to the state of Utah.

Here are a few fun facts about The Great Salt Lake:
  • Forth largest salt lake in the world
  • The salt from this lake is one of Morton salts largest resource
  • The lake is 3x saltier than the ocean
  • There are no fish or much of any aquatic life in the lake, except brine...little shrimp like crustaceans.
  • This lake can never freeze
  • John Muir referred to the Great Salt Lake as "one of the great views on the American continent"
  • The lake got it's name from Mormon Pioneer and leader, Brigham Young
  • The most important fact - the salt lake helps influence fluffy lake effect snowfalls over the canyons, Utah is known for the Greatest Snow on Earth
Ken and I make it a point to visit the lake every time we visit to enjoy the beautiful sites.

 Shoes: Chaco, Gallant Shoe - Fit for my Adventures

January 24, 2015


Ken and I were introduced to Finnisterre last year by our Cornish friend, professional surfer, Mitch Corbett. Finnisterre at it's core is a cold weather surf company that focuses in on simplistic style and true functionality. Outside of their surf line, Finisterre also designs a great outdoor, lifestyle clothing. See below for some of their latest styles.

This may surprise you, but Ken and some of our close friends are Lake Michigan surfers. So, these guys know a thing or two about cold weather surf and all look to Finisterre to outfit them. There is a small group of these crazy individuals that track wind and weather patterns for day to show up on the West Coast of Michigan for early morning surfs. It is a goal of mine to document their surf sessions sometime soon and share this with all of you.

To see more of Finisterre, click here:

A few weeks ago while Ken was in the UK, he visited Finisterre's London Pop-up retail store. Coincidentally,  they were having a surf movie preview event and Ken ran into old friends and Finisterre ambassadors, Sophie and Matty and the founder of this brand, Tom.

January 22, 2015

Girls Glamping Weekend

If you're lucky enough to have an incredible group of girlfriends.... 
you're lucky enough! :)
This group of gal pals have been celebrating Girls Night together for about two years now. Each month, we rotate planning events and evenings together to keep things interesting. We have done a variety of activities together from pole dancing, dining out, game nights, and more. January was my month to organize something special, so I decided to rent a cabin in Saugatuck and take the time to explore the town and enjoy a few days together. We had a blast walking the streets of downtown Saugatuck, eating, drinking, shopping, playing games, and enjoying each others company. It was an absolutely amazing weekend together and a great way to start off 2015 Girls Nights!

If you and your gals want to get out to the Lakeshore to rent a cabin, we highly recommend staying in the cozy little rustic cabin we did. Click here for more details on your weekend getaway!

January 19, 2015

Stop and Watch, Magic // Adore You

I came across this darling video on Youtube today and just fell in love with this unique duo-cover // mash-up of Coldplay 'Magic' and Miley Cyrus 'Adore You'. Makes me wish Ken and I had musical abilities!

Check out this song and this adorable gal, Louisa Wendorff.

January 11, 2015

Grand Haven // Part II

When Alyssa and I made it to Rosy Mound, we were pleasantly surprised that most of the snow was untouched. As we began snow shoeing we quickly realized the snow was knee deep. This made for a big cardio / leg workout for us walking around, creating our own trails. We hiked to the top of a dune to overlook the shore line of Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful and peaceful hike considering Alyssa and I were the only ones out there. It was great to be alone in the woods and dunes taking in the fresh winter air.

January 10, 2015

Grand Haven // Part I

This week, West Michigan experienced serious lake effect snowfalls. With feet of fresh new snow on the ground, my friend Alyssa and I ventured to the lakeshore to go snow shoeing and experience all the snow. On our way to the dunes in Grand Haven, we stopped at the lighthouse to see the effects the weather had on this red beauty. We braved the pier walking on pure ice and battling the strong winds to see the ice formations that covered the rescue bridge. It was well worth it from the incredible views and photographs we both took away. The dramatic sky and rough waters creating crashing waves against the lighthouse made every moment memorable. 

See below from more images of our Grand Haven Lighthouse stroll.