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January 31, 2015

A Cabin in the Woods

For adventurous millennials, like Ken and I, hotels are a thing of the past. When we travel and explore we want to stay and play like the locals. We crave the full experience every situation offers and make sure to live organically while we travel. Therefore, while staying in the mountains, we went all out and rented the most adorable cabin in the woods. There was a group of five of us and with our incredible, remote cabin we were able to walk to the mountain for the day and escape the chaos of life for days. There was something so special about making a fire for heat and not having a TV to distract us. Just good local Utah beer, home cooked meals and amazing conversations to pass the time. 
Ken found this cabin on VRBO and it was perfect. If you are looking to get out and explore Utah the way we did it, here is the cabin we rented. Check it out here!