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January 24, 2015


Ken and I were introduced to Finnisterre last year by our Cornish friend, professional surfer, Mitch Corbett. Finnisterre at it's core is a cold weather surf company that focuses in on simplistic style and true functionality. Outside of their surf line, Finisterre also designs a great outdoor, lifestyle clothing. See below for some of their latest styles.

This may surprise you, but Ken and some of our close friends are Lake Michigan surfers. So, these guys know a thing or two about cold weather surf and all look to Finisterre to outfit them. There is a small group of these crazy individuals that track wind and weather patterns for day to show up on the West Coast of Michigan for early morning surfs. It is a goal of mine to document their surf sessions sometime soon and share this with all of you.

To see more of Finisterre, click here:

A few weeks ago while Ken was in the UK, he visited Finisterre's London Pop-up retail store. Coincidentally,  they were having a surf movie preview event and Ken ran into old friends and Finisterre ambassadors, Sophie and Matty and the founder of this brand, Tom.