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January 27, 2015

The Great Salt Lake

The moment I say 'Great Salt Lake' I immediately think about the song 'The Great Salt Lake' by Band of Horses. I will be sure to add it to the bottom of this post for your listening pleasure.

Most people travel to Salt Lake City, Utah without ever stopping to see this incredible body of water that gave this city it's name. The salt lake/flats are rich in history very unique to the state of Utah.

Here are a few fun facts about The Great Salt Lake:
  • Forth largest salt lake in the world
  • The salt from this lake is one of Morton salts largest resource
  • The lake is 3x saltier than the ocean
  • There are no fish or much of any aquatic life in the lake, except brine...little shrimp like crustaceans.
  • This lake can never freeze
  • John Muir referred to the Great Salt Lake as "one of the great views on the American continent"
  • The lake got it's name from Mormon Pioneer and leader, Brigham Young
  • The most important fact - the salt lake helps influence fluffy lake effect snowfalls over the canyons, Utah is known for the Greatest Snow on Earth
Ken and I make it a point to visit the lake every time we visit to enjoy the beautiful sites.

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