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February 11, 2015

BeNd, OrEgON

Wouldn't it be  incredible if we could pick up and move whenever and wherever we wanted to?  If so, I would move to Bend, Oregon in a heartbeat. This town is made for the artful, the adventurous, and for those who want to live a full, wholesome life. With mountains, volcanoes, rivers and lakes; nordic trails, camp sites, vanagons, craft breweries and locals with dogs, trendy threads and dreads. This town has it all; this town is made for me!

While in Bend, we stayed with our friends so we could live and play like a local. Bend seems to be close in size to my hometown of Grand Rapids, meaning comfortable in size and easy to navigate. Wherever you live in Bend, you're close enough to everything, including Mt. Bachelor and downtown.  Downtown Bend is so darling with cute little retail stores, coffee houses, bike shops, outdoor stores and more. I could spend hours walking the streets and popping into the little stores. I am in love with this town and hope to one day call it home.