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February 8, 2015

Mount Bachelor

After days of snowboarding in Utah we caught a quick flight to Bend, Oregon to continue our snowboarding adventures. This was my first time snowboarding in the Cascades and it was wonderful! Ken and I went to Mt. Bachelor with our friends and locals who know Bachelor very well and were able to show us around. The views at the top of the mountain / volcano were absolutely breathtaking! I was completely taken back by the views that surrounded us and felt like I was on top of the world. Looking all around us we could see Three Sisters and silhouettes of the Cascade mountain range many, many miles away. Un-be-liveable! Bachelor was so beautiful and I can't to go back sometime on a powder day.
I couldn't keep up with these guys, but I was able to grab them for a quick photo. Ken with his buddies Matthias Giraud (left) and Seth VanderZee (middle).