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March 29, 2015

A New York Minute

Flashing lights, crowded city streets, horns and sirens screaming in my ear; this is the concrete jungle of New York City. My time in New York was short, but well spent. I was only in the Big Apple for four full days but was able to do, see and consume so much. 

When in a new city, I try my best to escape the tourist traps to get an authentic city experience. I quickly learned the subway and sought out the areas I wanted had heard and researched. While Ken was working, I walked the streets alone trying to see it all in few days I could.

Brooklyn has my vote as the coolest spot in NYC with St Marx in a close second. Brooklyn is full of art and the artful, of hipsters and trend setters. With amazing food, cute retail spots and the greatest food I have ever experienced; I just love the upbeat, lively feel this area creates. 

It is hard to not be a fan of this city with the history, culture, speed and variety that makes this area great. Can't wait to visit again!

New York by Day:

New York by Night: