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April 6, 2015

Man Crush Monday: Daniel Norris

Happy Opening Day! So excited that baseball season is getting back into full swing. Ken and I are HUGE Detroit Tigers Fans and love to follow this sport together. In addition to the following the Tigers this year, we will also start following the Toronto Blue Jays, all because their new, left handed pitcher, Daniel Norris. This gorgeous lefty happens to live a parallel life with us; he lives in a van too. What a babe!

Meet Daniel Norris, or as he is referred to by his fans, the Van Man. This multi-millionaire seems to be a grounded, wholesome man that prefers a simple, outdoorsy lifestyle. He lives by the saying, "Play outdoors. Love the earth. Live simply. Use only what you need." Can't argue with that.

Catch a short clip on Daniel below and check out his rad 1978 Volkswagen van:

This year we hope to travel to different states to watch the Tigers play and cross a few new stadiums off our list. Stay tuned for that, and let's go Tigers!