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June 2, 2015

Caribbean Island Hoppers

With Ken and I being the adventurous, busy body travelers that we are, we wanted to find a way to get out and explore all the surrounding islands in the British Virgin Islands. So, we found a little island excursion that took us from island to island to snorkel and sun bathe on the pristine white beaches that bordered the islands. This was a highlight for both of us and turned out to be a booze cruise, which was a lovely surprise.  
On this all day Caribbean cruise we anchored along many islands to take in the beauty and the unique characteristics that make each island what they are today. On one of our stops we docked our boat to an original pirate ship that has since been turned into a bar / restaurant for passing boats and can quickly turn into a party spot with boats tied up to one another and people jumping off the top of the pirate ship. We had so much fun on the pirate ship and a fabulous fresh caught fish lunch. It was amazing!

From the Pirate Ship we sailed on to more drinking and partying adventures. When we arrived at the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke Island where we had to jump off the boat and swim quite a distance to the island. Hence the name Soggy Dollar Bar. By time you swim up to the bar your cash is soaking wet and the bar hangs your money by clothes line to dry. This crazy little bar nested along the ocean front is the creator of the delicious rum drink, the Painkiller than Ken and I fell in love with and drank our fair share the entire time at sea. 
All islands, beaches, coral reefs in the clear blue sea were beyond beautiful and so picturesque. It was a truly spectacular cruise and tour of the British Virgin Islands.