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June 1, 2015


When Ken surprised me with our latest vacation to Tortola, I remember saying, “Oh, that sounds fancy! Where’s Tortola?” At that time I had no idea that Ken was taking me to paradise in the British Virgin Islands. Two flights and a boat ride to Scrub Island is where we found our escape from reality. With the most brilliant blues of the Caribbean Sea and clear skies all week, it was just the getaway we both needed. 

We spent our vacation like honeymooners, spending every moment together. From long drawn out dinners, at sea adventures, and lounging on the beach hand-in-hand; it was the most perfect vacation together. 
While in the Caribbean we stayed on Scrub Island, a private island and beautiful resort. The resort was filled with young couples, all looking to spend quality time with their loved one. It was a quiet, laid back atmosphere that encouraged relaxation and bliss. 
Stand up paddle-boards, kayaks, water slides, swim up bars and more were available at our convenience, making it a great place to stay and play. From sunup to sundown, we were in the ocean taking advantage of what we can't experience often enough. 
This place was paradise and our time together was incredible. If you are looking for an escape and a new / different place to vacation and enjoy the Caribbean, someplace away from highly touristed areas and loud crowds, I highly recommend a getaway to Scrub Island and the British Virgin Islands.

Here is a link to see all of our accommodations: Scrub Island Escape