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July 27, 2015

My Fitness Journey, Lesson Six

Set Achievable Goals

Photo from NPC News Online
In the beginning of my journey my goals were to look like all those fit gals above. It was my goal to compete in a NPC Bikini competition, so I found a trainer who works specifically with men and women who are training for these fitness shows. About a month into my journey, I started talking to my trainer about competitions and how long it would take me to get a body like that and how soon I could compete. Then he opened my eyes to the real world of competitive bodybuilding and fitness competitions. I remember my jaw dropping to the floor when he asked if I was willing to do steroids. WHAT?! People still do that? And that was just the beginning of it. Along with steroids, many of these athletes are using fat burners, lasix / diuretics and many other "supplements" to achieve those bodies. Turns out, bodies like that are NOT natural. I was so mad at myself for having unrealistic goals and for working so hard to achieve a body like that not knowing what was involved.  

From the day I started to where I am now my goals have completely shifted. I have given myself a target weight of 117 lbs and to be able to see definition in my legs, arms and abs. It is my goal to be healthy and strong and find a plan that is both achievable and sustainable that I can maintain over a long period of time. This is obviously much more realistic and healthy.

Set goals and hold yourself accountable. Just make sure your goals are healthy and achievable.