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July 24, 2015

My Fitness Journey, Lesson Three

Know what to Eat and when...

What is the one thing you hear day after day when it comes to losing weight? Probably something along the lines of "Don't eat at night." Well, that's weird considering how much weight I have lost eating bagels and jelly, toast and peanut butter, yogurt, and protein shakes around 10:30 at night. The beliefs, articles, success and failure stories online are overwhelming because each story / article is contradicting the next one you read.

My success came with the following strategies, ideas and recommendations:

  • Eating 5 small meals a day, pacing them out about 3.5 hours apart. 
  • Think of food as fuel vs. food for fun. -Yes, these means no alcohol, no sweets, no fun...
  • Know your workout(s) for the day so you know how to properly fuel your body for the work out (either the workout you have coming up or the one you just completed).
  • Be sure to consume protein at every meal to stay full and lean. Keep in mind protein can be from a protein shake, protein bar, nuts, or lean protein such as chicken, turkey, white fish, shrimp, etc. 
  • Up your veggies and lower your fruits (because of the amounts of sugar).
  • Purchase a food scale so you know how much you are eating, don't just guess. I promise you, this will make a huge difference. 
  • Always remember, the success of your fitness plan will be 80% diet and 20% workouts.