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July 23, 2015

My Fitness Journey, Lesson Two


Step number one: Become your own biggest cheerleader!

It is difficult to find people on the same fitness journey as you. With friends, family and even my husband thinking my journey is 'looney', 'annoying', 'a waste of time' or any of the other thoughts and feelings they have openly shared with me, I have had to look for motivation and inspiration elsewhere. I started following BodyBuilding.com and other highly respected gals in the fitness industry, such as @michelle_lewin_ and @camilaguper to stay motivated and to keep going. By following them, I have also learned new workout moves and techniques to keep my workouts fresh and interesting. Turn to Pinterest, Instagram and other social media to find daily inspiration. Whatever your Fitspiration is, keep it close to you and continue to find new ways to inspire yourself.