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August 5, 2015

Secrets of the Thumb, Part Two

Our next secret was one that proved to be quite challenging to find. After hearing about a painted barn in the town of Port Austin, my brother, Jeff and I drove down miles of cornfields searching for an old barn used as the canvas for local street art. Jeff and I both studied art in college and constantly share artists we follow with each other; so it was fitting that we took this adventure together. 

We were so excited when we found the barn and began photographing right away. The bright paint against the faded barn wood and red, sunset light made this scene even more beautiful to photograph.

The Detorit artists, Steve and Dorota Coy, painted both sides of the storage barn. The pigeon on one side, which is the logo for their company Hygienic Dress League Corporation and on the other side a man and a woman wearing golden face masks holding a large pitchfork, in the style of American Gothic. In an interview with Port Austin's local newspaper, Huron County Tribune, the artists report that the two people represent what it's like to work for Hygienic Dress League Corporation. The golden masks are their way of proving their company is more elite than corporate America and that they are not breathing the same air everyone else does; even though they have no other employees in their company. Interesting, none the less!

If you ever choose to visit this barn the address is 298 Stoddard. The cross roads are Stoddard and Lake (M-53). It is only about a 5 mile drive from the tiny downtown area of Port Austin.

Barn at Dusk
Photos by Jeffrey Irwin Photography

Barn at Day