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August 4, 2015

Secrets of the Thumb, Part One

I am love with the state of Michigan and all the beauty it has to offer. I believe Michigan is one of the most underrated states in the US and can't figure out why. When you make the time to explore this state from coast to coast and peninsula to peninsula, there is no doubt that this state is filled with the most beautiful little hidden gems.

Last week, Ken and I met my parents and brother in the thumb of Michigan to spend time for a small family getaway. This is something we do every year, but unlike every other year, we got a little crazy and went off the beaten path to discover the beauty of Huron County, Michigan. What a success it was!

Over the next few days I would love to show you some of the places we discovered and tell you the tips and tricks how to get there; just in case you are inspired to see this yourself.

The first stop was the Huron County Lighthouse. A classic lighthouse, built in 1857 with full access to the keepers house. Unfortunately, you cannot climb the lighthouse to oversee Lake Huron and the whole park at this time. The grounds are still completely accessible making it a fun stop to visit and explore.

Down the street from the lighthouse is a small historic village with original homes from the late 1800's. All the homes have been preserved and it is a charming street to either walk along and drive through.

Huron County Lighthouse Park