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September 26, 2015

Belle Isle

A gorgeous photo tour of Belle Isle in Detroit with original photos from my dear brother, Jeff and I. Detroit is magical and I love showing the beauty of this city verses the 'decay' that people love to highlight. Always look for the good and the excitement will follow.

Here are our images of Belle Isle, an island in Detroit.

September 25, 2015

Graffiti Alley

I'm making the most of my (f)un-employment here in Michigan before our big move next week. Earlier this week, I went 'home' to Detroit to see my parents and say my goodbyes to my family. While in Detroit, there were a few things I wanted to see and do before I left, so I made the most of my free time by going on mini-day-adventures.

One day trip that had been on my list for at least two years was to visit Graffiti Alley in Ann Arbor. I wanted to see what this alleyway was all about and eat my way through downtown Ann Arbor, so I convinced my mom to go with me and away we went.

To my surprise graffiti alley is tiny... Literally, just an alleyway. Regardless, the time I spent with my mom made the trip well worth and the food was amazing, so no complaints!

I absolutely love the art of graffiti and am constantly seeking out graffiti parks and alleys when we travel. A fun fact about me is I wish I was a graffiti artist. I am obsessed with this form of rebellious art and statements made through this platform. One day, I hope to make my statement here in this alleyway and other places throughout Detroit.

September 24, 2015

Run the Jewels + TV on the Radio

Are you kidding me? Run the Jewels and TV on the Radio performing together? Not sure how I missed this when they played together on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week. But since it is so good I had to share their live performance with you. Playing one of favorite songs of all time, Angel Duster you must listen for yourself. Pay close attention to the lyrics because Killer Mike and El-P are lyrical geniuses and this song gives me chills... Love it! I can't wait to see these guys live soon - so flippin' excited!

September 23, 2015

Happy ArtPrize!

Today is a big day here in Grand Rapids, as we kickoff ArtPrize Seven. For the past seven years Grand Rapids has been the host of an international art contest in our artful, little city. What differentiates ArtPrize from other art competitions, is the entire city becomes the venue and the winner is chosen by YOU, the voter. ArtPrize has put Grand Rapids on the map for an 'artistic city' and has brought much toursim and traffic to the city I love.

This year, two of our very best friends created a piece called, Soundwaves. Justin Bruursema of Burley Surfboards, shaped and painted an original board for this competition and a matching guitar to go with it. And Marc Moline of Antix Collective created the beautiful video (below) of the process and outcome of Soundwaves, my favorite ArtPrize piece of 2015.

If you have the opportunity to walk around ArtPrize, make sure to stop in Grand Rapids Brewing Company and vote for Soundwaves, Vote Code: #61496.

Marc describes the piece: A common cord connects the surfboard and the guitar. They are tied in so many ways that they begin to resemble one another, representing a unique and nearly identical experience. Sound, like water, travels in a wave that surrounds you. The activities are both reckless and yet at complete harmony with the world, and take you away to a place that can be found nowhere else. Few of these objects are hung on a wall as a piece of art, yet the surfboard and the guitar are often elevated to this status. They represent a promise of escape on much an intimate and grandiose scale. Soundwaves celebrates this place and welcomes you to enjoy wherever it may take you.

Congratulations and excellent work, Justin and Marc!

September 22, 2015

All, Skeet Skeet

After our goodbye party this past Sunday with Ken's family (plus my parents) in Muskegon, we decided to walk the pier of Pere Marquette and take advantage of the last few days of Michigan's summer. With Ken and my family by our side, we enjoyed our final walk along Lake Michigan before we leave this beautiful state. We have been most grateful for our family's love and support as we move about 600 - 800 miles away from them. This is going to be a tough year of making new traditions around the holidays and special occasions. We will have to get used to the new-normal. 

September 21, 2015

Goodbye Friends

Our goodbyes are getting harder and harder. This Saturday all of our very best friends gathered together for a goodbye party for us. The lovely group above are the ones we have called our 'core group of friends' for the past seven years together. It is going to be so tough to leave these amazing people but we are confident they will be the ones to visit us in Minneapolis and will be the first people we see when come back to Grand Rapids. Sending love and many thanks to you, our dear friends. Love you guys!

*This will be the photo I pull up when I feel sad or lonely in Minneapolis and am Grand Rapids homesick. This will be the photo that can always put a smile on my face.

A huge THANK YOU to our Brian and Hilary for organizing and hosting our party. xoxo

September 17, 2015


Since sharing is what the web and blogs are all about, I wanted to start sharing with you a few of my favorite apps in a blog series called APPsolutely.

I am still new to this PHHHOTO app but I am loving what it offers. It is very similar to Instagram in terms of image sharing but instead of photos and videos, you are sharing gifs. Just like Instagram; you follow people, like images and can run a constant news feed of recent posts.

The gif above is the first one I created. Get ready! Because many more posts and dancing gifs will follow. Download this free app and add me to your feed of friends, kait_tay.

For more details on this app, click here!

September 16, 2015

Black, Red and Plaid All Over

I know I am not alone when I say my favorite season to dress for is fall. There is something about flannels, plaids, scarfs, boots, sweaters and the cozy vibes they bring. Even though the weather is still in the 80's here in Grand Rapids, I am doing my best to casually transition my wardrobe.

Here are a few of my favorite new pieces of my fall pieces to start my transition.

September 12, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Recap

I didn't want to interrupt the first ever Van Week to post our Labor Day weekend adventures so I politely waited until a later date to share.

Looking back on our action-packed Labor Day weekend, we had a blast mountain biking, visiting local breweries, boating and setting up the most glamorous campsite. For the first time ever, we stayed at one campsite for four nights in a row instead of hoping for place to place which was more relaxing than I could have imagined. And because of the holiday weekend, we didn't want to leave a campsite in hopes there would be another one available. Plus, we were at our favorite site in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park so we knew we couldn't beat this site.

This was our farewell trip to a few of our favorite places in Michigan. We made our way through Empire, Glen Arbor and Traverse City to visit our favorite breweries, stores, beaches and landmarks. It's sad to think that it may be years until we visit these places again...

See below for images of our Labor Day weekend journey:

September 9, 2015

Van Week, Day Four

Are you inspired by vanlife and ready to get your very own van? If so, meet the California. This is Volkswagen's new, Spirit of Adventure, camper van. Equipped with a full kitchen, popup top, side awning, two beds and a spacious interior. This can be your mobile adventure unit one day but it's just not in America just yet...

This van looks very similar to our Eurovan or the Transporter, but look at the features inside. Not going to lie, I am kind of jealous of all the working features. Damn, I love German designed vehicles... You have to see this sweet rig for yourself.

September 8, 2015

Van Week, Day Three

VW Van owners make it appear that owning a van and living on the road is a glamorous process. However, this is hardly the case. With all of our vans in a constant state of decay, most of us get in our adventure mobiles with our fingers crossed that we will make it to our destination.

There are two types of van owners, those who are mechanics and have learned how to work on their vans and those with the time and money to get their van fixed a few times a year. Vanagon's are a huge commitment and a huge time / money suck but the journeys you take and the memories you make are always priceless.

Below is a video of the most well know #vanlife'ers who have been doing this for years. Take a moment to watch this video and allow these Vanagon pros to walk you through the struggles and joys of owning a van and a little more in depth of #vanlife.

*This video does take a few minutes to load, but it's well worth it.

September 7, 2015

Van Week, Day Two

There is one tag that connects all of us Volkswagon Van owners together. It is the hashtag that I am sure you have noticed in all of my Instagram photos; the one and only, #vanlife.

After we bought our second van, the 1981 Vanagon I started finding other rad van's like ours on Instagram and noticed they all used this tag with their images - so I started doing the same. What I didn't know when I started using it, was that it was going to open the doors to a new community of people who take their #vanlife very serious. Through this one tag I have connected with many people who share the same love as we do and discovered new adventures to add to our bucket list. Ken on the other hand uses this tag to find new ways he can outfit the van.

So, where did this infamous tag come from? It was from, the blogger of, A Restless Transplant and author of the book Home is Where you Park It, Foster Huntington. After mimicking Tupac's "Thug Life", he appropriately named those who live this incredible lifestyle, #vanlife. Very Fitting!

Be sure to check out #vanlife on social media so you can open your eyes to the community we connect with and welcome to the wonderful world of #vanlife!

September 6, 2015

Van Week, Day One

We are in love with our Vanagon and our wanderlust lifestyle it provides us. After spending many weekends living out of our 1981 Westfalia, I can truly say I am in love with the freedom, the unknown and the adventure the van provides.

Because of my love for VW Vans, I am taking a week to celebrate #vanlife and #vanagonlife. Throughout this next week I hope to show you what it's like to feel freedom and adventure living out of a 115 square foot home. The vanagon is the greatest vehicle created and has to be the best purchase we have ever made.

Get ready for the first ever Van Week! It's kind of like shark week, but in pure vanagon form.

I am going to kick off Van Week with a video that gives me chills every time I watch it. It's about a couple who left the city to focus on a more simplistic life and to find themselves without the distractions of 'normal life'.

Happy Van Week everyone! And let the festivities begin!

September 5, 2015

The Pure Michigan Life

Today was one of the greatest days of my life.  It was a day that makes you realize that money can't buy happiness and that it's only achieved through the pure joy of loving what your doing with the company you're with.

It started out as a cloudy, dreary day which was disappointing since I had planned on beating the crowd this morning and make my way into Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park before the tourists did. As we hung out by the camp site (Ken, Peugeot, myself and our best buddy Jeff) we started drinking coffee and shooting the shit hoping it would clear up soon. When we realized the sky wasn't breaking and didn't want to waste anymore time sitting around a picnic table we decided to hook up Jeff's fishing boat and head to a lake near by.

We landed on Glen Lake which was only a few miles from our camp site and arguably one of Michigan's most beautiful inland lakes. As we made our way around the lake we took our time docking at sandbars to have a cocktail, cool off in the water and to admire the many different shades of blue of the water. Our cruise took us around the dunes that we originally wanted to see but from a completely different view. Today, I connected with the state I love in a way I had never done before. 

At one point of the cruise I looked around at the company I was with and saw Captain Peugeot standing at the bow of the boat with his tail wagging and mouth open so wide, you could tell he was smiling. He was having the time of his life. Behind him was my dear husband who looked more relaxed and stress-free than I had seen him in months. He was completely at peace and living in the moment. Then behind me was Jeff, who was in Heaven just by taking his new fishing boat out on the water and hosting Ken and I. It was best feeling to see everyone so happy - I had the same feeling in my soul.

While on the water we watched monarch butterflies begin their migration and bald eagles fly above us. We saw the mighty Sleeping Bears Dunes from a new point of view and enjoyed Michigan it its finest. It was just the most perfect day and a great way to spend the holiday weekend.

Fun fact: Our big hunting dog can't swim. At one point Ken had to rescue Peugeot from drowning. This photo was taken right after that.

September 3, 2015

5 Years of Wedded Bliss

So long to the "newlywed" title, our marriage is officially considered just, "married" now...

Today, Ken and I are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary! It is such a special day for both of us, as we hit our second big milestone in our marriage with the big 5 YEAR mark. We are kid-free and so selfishly in love. We have created the most amazing life together and share incredible experiences and memories with one another. Before we were married, we made a promise to each other that we would never stop exploring, traveling, adventuring and creating new memories with each other every single day. We promised to always put each other first and to support one another, no matter what. And we have have done just that. Our love grows deeper every day, and so does our happiness with the life we have built together.

Cheers! To the BEST 5 years of my life and to a lifetime of love, happinesses and bliss with the man of my dreams.

This is a once in a lifetime love that I am most fortunate to have found.

His hand and mine.

September 1, 2015

Summer Blues

Happy 1st of September!

September is always a big transition month; from Back to School, the changing of the season and for myself, this month will mark a huge transition in my life with my move from Michigan to  Minnesota. Unfortunately, September is going to be a tough month for me. I am currently unemployed (because of the move), my husband is in a different state, and I will be living in an empty house in Grand Rapids. I am hoping this month moves VERY fast.

Here's to the new month and to hoping September turns out better than expected.

Here are the details of my Summer Blues look
Dress: Target, Meroma, Shirt Dress Indigo
Shoes: Hush Puppies, Chaste Ballet Stud
Hat: World Market, Camel Wool Fedora
Bag: Hush Puppies, Opal Tote