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September 5, 2015

The Pure Michigan Life

Today was one of the greatest days of my life.  It was a day that makes you realize that money can't buy happiness and that it's only achieved through the pure joy of loving what your doing with the company you're with.

It started out as a cloudy, dreary day which was disappointing since I had planned on beating the crowd this morning and make my way into Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park before the tourists did. As we hung out by the camp site (Ken, Peugeot, myself and our best buddy Jeff) we started drinking coffee and shooting the shit hoping it would clear up soon. When we realized the sky wasn't breaking and didn't want to waste anymore time sitting around a picnic table we decided to hook up Jeff's fishing boat and head to a lake near by.

We landed on Glen Lake which was only a few miles from our camp site and arguably one of Michigan's most beautiful inland lakes. As we made our way around the lake we took our time docking at sandbars to have a cocktail, cool off in the water and to admire the many different shades of blue of the water. Our cruise took us around the dunes that we originally wanted to see but from a completely different view. Today, I connected with the state I love in a way I had never done before. 

At one point of the cruise I looked around at the company I was with and saw Captain Peugeot standing at the bow of the boat with his tail wagging and mouth open so wide, you could tell he was smiling. He was having the time of his life. Behind him was my dear husband who looked more relaxed and stress-free than I had seen him in months. He was completely at peace and living in the moment. Then behind me was Jeff, who was in Heaven just by taking his new fishing boat out on the water and hosting Ken and I. It was best feeling to see everyone so happy - I had the same feeling in my soul.

While on the water we watched monarch butterflies begin their migration and bald eagles fly above us. We saw the mighty Sleeping Bears Dunes from a new point of view and enjoyed Michigan it its finest. It was just the most perfect day and a great way to spend the holiday weekend.

Fun fact: Our big hunting dog can't swim. At one point Ken had to rescue Peugeot from drowning. This photo was taken right after that.