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September 6, 2015

Van Week, Day One

We are in love with our Vanagon and our wanderlust lifestyle it provides us. After spending many weekends living out of our 1981 Westfalia, I can truly say I am in love with the freedom, the unknown and the adventure the van provides.

Because of my love for VW Vans, I am taking a week to celebrate #vanlife and #vanagonlife. Throughout this next week I hope to show you what it's like to feel freedom and adventure living out of a 115 square foot home. The vanagon is the greatest vehicle created and has to be the best purchase we have ever made.

Get ready for the first ever Van Week! It's kind of like shark week, but in pure vanagon form.

I am going to kick off Van Week with a video that gives me chills every time I watch it. It's about a couple who left the city to focus on a more simplistic life and to find themselves without the distractions of 'normal life'.

Happy Van Week everyone! And let the festivities begin!