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September 7, 2015

Van Week, Day Two

There is one tag that connects all of us Volkswagon Van owners together. It is the hashtag that I am sure you have noticed in all of my Instagram photos; the one and only, #vanlife.

After we bought our second van, the 1981 Vanagon I started finding other rad van's like ours on Instagram and noticed they all used this tag with their images - so I started doing the same. What I didn't know when I started using it, was that it was going to open the doors to a new community of people who take their #vanlife very serious. Through this one tag I have connected with many people who share the same love as we do and discovered new adventures to add to our bucket list. Ken on the other hand uses this tag to find new ways he can outfit the van.

So, where did this infamous tag come from? It was from, the blogger of, A Restless Transplant and author of the book Home is Where you Park It, Foster Huntington. After mimicking Tupac's "Thug Life", he appropriately named those who live this incredible lifestyle, #vanlife. Very Fitting!

Be sure to check out #vanlife on social media so you can open your eyes to the community we connect with and welcome to the wonderful world of #vanlife!